Wesley Chapel – The Cypress Creek Coyotes (7-6, 6-3) went up against the Fivay Falcons (0-15, 0-10) last night in their next district game. Coyotes on a three-game win streak in the district. Soon to make it a fourth win.

Avery Lee lead the charge in the top off the first. Quickly striking out two of the three batters in the inning. Next two batters grounded or lined out with the third being another strike out for Lee. Mandy Schwartz closed the game out with two strikeouts of her own. Lee with the win for this game.

Coyotes quickly racked up twenty points in just two innings. A series of walks, singles, and doubles put the Coyotes up 11-0 in the first inning. This pattern following up in the second inning also. Jasmine Jackson and Ashely Nickisher lead the team in RBI’s both getting 3 this game. Jackson Hitting a 3-RBI double in the second inning. Neely Peterson, Alexis Aponte and Rachel Brocato following their lead by getting two RBI’s of their own.

The Cypress Creek Coyotes (8-6, 7-3) are facing off against the Sunlake Seahawks tonight (13-2, 7-0). The Fivay Falcons (0-16, 0-11) head to Spring hill to challenge Bishop McLaughlin Catholic High (10-7, 5-0) on Friday 4-12.