Holiday – The Pasco Pirates (6-7, 3-5) challenged the Anclote Sharks (1-12, 0-7) at Anclote’s home field Tuesday night. The Sharks were met with a sturdy defense and the Pirates desire to keep up their win streak.


Bryce Braxton opened as the Pirates starting pitcher. Braxton pitched six of seven innings, putting up a .632 strike average with six strike-outs, six ground-outs and four fly-outs. Cody Dawson would come in to close the game out with a .538 strike average and two ground-outs. Neither pitcher to give up any hits throughout the game. Braxton to receive the win.


Top of the second, Braxton doubles to left field. K Graham running for Braxton. Logan Wynne sacrifices and reaches base on an error by the second baseman.  Wynne follows up to second, with Graham scoring on a second Error. Benjamin McLeod running for Wynne. Bristol Sargent singles and reaches on error, McLeod scores. Brandon Mills out on sacrifice fly, Jose Garcia scores. Score in the second 3-0


Jace Johnston walks Brian Schildt, then Braxton after four failed pickoff attempts. Wynne singles a grounder to center, scores Schildt. Score in the third 4-0. Johnston walks two more in the fifth inning. Sargent grounds to fielders choice, Graham scores. Score at the end of the seventh 5-0.


The Pasco Pirates (7-7, 4-5) would head out to play against the Sunlake Seahawks (8-9, 4-6) on Friday 4/19. The Anclote Sharks (1-13, 0-8) to head home and face off with the Hudson Cobras (4-11, 3-6) also on Friday 4/19.