Wesley Chapel – The Wiregrass Ranch Bulls (9-1, 2-0) face off against the Mitchell Mustangs (7-3, 4-2) on the ranch. A fight between two tough teams. The Bulls currently undefeated at home and tied for lead in the district with the Mustangs right on their heels.

The Mustangs quickly put up two points and are swiftly matched with goals having been made by #10 Marc Ciccone, #17 Mikey, and #2 Zach Schwarts. Mustangs come back to take the lead before the quarter is out and bring the score to 5-3.

As the second quarter rolls around #19 Jeremiah Loo puts a goal up on the board. Mustangs stack two more and are followed by Bulls #12 Zach McCann and Ciccone scoring an additional two goals. The mustangs begin to show their prowess as they pull away, increasing the lead one goal at a time.

A few minutes into the third quarter and the Mustangs have pulled up a four-point lead, things starting to look bleak for the Bulls. With the score 12-8, the Bulls turn up the heat. #3 Caleb Rush gets one on the board and Mikey scores again. With 2 minutes left in the quarter Ciccone makes his fourth and fifth goals back to back and #15 Sean Obrien brings them in the lead 13-12.

The Bulls don’t turn down the heat and begin stacking more points. Another goal by Obrien and J. Loo sets them three points up. Mustangs try to recover but are denied the chance when Rush and J. Loo put up another two points to stay the lead. This fierce game comes to an end, Bulls leading by three with a final score of 17-14.

The Wiregrass Ranch Bulls (10-1, 3-0) would go on to the harbor to face off with the Lakeland Dreadnaughts (10-2, 6-0) in their home territory. The Mitchell Mustangs (7-4, 4-2) off to try and stir up some commotion in the nest of the Bartow Yellow Jackets (11-1, 6-1).