Dade City – The Wiregrass Ranch Bulls (11-8, 1-3) went for a second match up against The Pasco Pirates (7-10, 4-6) on their home field Tuesday night.


The game carried on with little give or take from either side. First four innings were traded back and forth as both teams put a stopper on each other. Finally in the fifth inning the Bulls turned the heat up a little and took the lead.


Pual Sustachek, Garret and Kegan Bryant all worked together to close out the game with Sustachek getting the win for the game, pitching a .643 average with 3 groundouts and 7 flyouts.


Top of the fifth inning, an error and some good at-bats allowed the bulls to put up 3 runs. Austin Hiatt is walked by Bryson Mistretta, shortly after Hiatt steals second base. Sustachek hits a ground ball and reaches on an error by Austin Fiorelli, Hiatt scores. A few more hits and an out later have the bases loaded. Nick Bello up to bat, hits a ground ball to center fielder Connor Getz. Nate Crissey and Chris Lebron score. Score in the fifth 3-0.


The Wiregrass Ranch Bulls (12-8, 1-3) would go on to face Sunlake Seahawks (9-12, 4-6) Wednesday 5/1. While the Pasco Pirates (7-11, 4-6) season has come to an end.